Monday, December 12, 2011


My friend has a blog and she is (compared to me) prolific!  Even not compared to me she is a terrific writer and she made me believe that I too was capable of just insight and creativity.  Alas, I fear she is wrong for I have yet to complete more than a few pitiful entries.  But I will blog on - I think it could be catching.  Love you Carmen! 

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  1. I love you too! You have so much to say that is insightful and you can convey it eloquently. The challenge here as I see it, is to change mediums from oral communication to prose. I realize that it’s easier said than done. Try writing what you say and see how that reads. If it reads well, continue adding to it and see where it leads. You might end up with a fantastic post.

    And I don’t believe you’re jealous per se, it’s just that this is a new sea that you haven’t traversed before. Your desire to sail these waters is there and what you forget to notice is that your ship already set sail. You’re navigating the Blogosphere. Keep going ever forward, don’t look back. I’m just slightly ahead of you. You’ll recognize my ship; it’s the one with the vampire skull on the flag. Keep writing or I’ll eat you. *bares fangs*